Kwentuhan tayo.

Kuchenzeit Stories is a podcast where we discover and share the stories of Filipinos in Germany.

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Ep. 06: Moving abroad: Some tips to consider before the big move

In this episode, we talk about our experiences when we were preparing to move to Germany. We share (hopefully) useful tips for anyone planning to move abroad. There is a Part 2 to this episode where we will talk about settling in and adapting in a new country. Disclaimer: The tips we shared are based on our personal experiences and if you are looking for official and legal advice, it is best to contact the proper authorities. 

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We’re Kriztel and Dee!

This podcast will highlight the different lives and experience of Filipinos in Germany. Learn more about their experiences on adapting in the society, learning Deutsch, untangling German bureaucracy, dealing with homesickness, and everything else in between.

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