Ep. 05: Isa Tabasuares on finding purpose in being of service to others

In this episode, Isa shares highlights of 14 years living in Berlin: taking on different jobs, releasing an album, and being of service through her career as a nurse and artist.

Ep. 04: Kelly Abagat on the DAAD scholarship and recovering from COVID-19

Kelly shares her experience on receiving the DAAD scholarship grant for her Masters programme in Germany. She talks about her student life and how she recovered from COVID-19 during the early days of the pandemic.

Ep. 03: Annette Osmeña on adulting, navigating start-ups, and different business culture

How do you prove that age is just a number — in the workplace and in a foreign city? Annette shares her stories as a young professional, from the time she moved to Berlin as a fresh graduate and getting on the tech start-up scene in the city. She also talks about navigating her way into adulting and the fun (mis)adventures she’s had along the way.

Ep. 02: Lea Millares-Sylvester on being a teacher and nurturing a Filipino community in Berlin

In this episode, Lea Millares-Sylvester talks about her experience as a teacher in an international public school in Berlin, drawing comparisons and similarities to education practices in Bangkok and Manila. She also shares how she became the host for all seasons of the Filipino community in Berlin.

Ep. 01: Welcome to Kuchenzeit Stories with Dee and Kriztel

We are Dee and Kriztel, two Filipinas based in Berlin, who are both continuously trying to find themselves in the city. In this episode, we talk about how our lives in Germany started and how our adventures intertwined at some point. We also share how Kuchenzeit Stories came about and what to expect from the podcast.


This podcast will showcase the different lives and experience of Filipinos in Germany. Learn more about their experiences on adapting in the society, learning Deutsch, untangling German bureaucracy, dealing with homesickness, and everything else in between.