About Us

Welcome! Mabuhay! Herzlich Willkommen!

We are Kriztel (right) and Dee (left), the hosts of Kuchenzeit Stories! We are two Filipinas currently based in Berlin, Germany and this podcast is our creative project, conceived while having Kuchenzeit one afternoon during this pandemic.

The podcast is called “Kuchenzeit Stories” because the word Kuchenzeit is the Germany equivalent to our Filipino merienda — a time for short kwentuhan and eating. And this is what we do in the pod and in real life! 😄

Moving to and living in Germany is a special kind of adventure for both of us. We created this podcast to hold a space mainly for other Filipinos to get a glimpse of what life is like here and to have a sense of home and community especially in this time of the pandemic.

What can you expect in the podcast? We’ll be getting to know other Filipinos living Germany, so join us as we discover their unique and interesting stories.